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the boy Stitch got a dope style and he flaunts it on this “Wake Up” music video.. Check it out and repeat it few tymes; it feels like a breath of fresh air to me, Keep doing that thang homes..


DNCE do got this cool, fun pop song on their hands, but its all the more better with that Diva Nicki Minaj in the mix “Kissing Strangers”

Dua Lipa gets up with the kid Miguel on this sort of cool music video, but these folks can’t dance for ishh; I guess they’re “Lost In Your Light” .

Goapele is back at Us with this sexually, seductive, smooth R&B track called “Secret”, but I personally don’t really like it when a girl talks about she have a secret, cause Shit can get KraaZzzy….

Jidenna on his motherland vibe with this “Bambi” song and a interesting unraveling visual concept. The Classic Man is usually so refine but it’s sort of fascinating to seem him eventually lose his cool end.

This girl has a weird f in’ name with a cute lil style, she heating up vibes with this “Leaned Out” track.. Why not! Show baby girl so love; check out for her now and in the near future, doing that thang..

Rejjie Snow is hitting yall over the head with this “Blakkst Skn” music video filmed with an interesting visual concept that might make you say whatDawhaaa is going on here, but it’s different, refreshing and That’s what’s Up, Encore…

I Don’t know why there’s such controversy about this video; I believe the hate should be directed more towards the fact that in the title Beyonce is not mention on it and why the hell do they call it “Hymn For The Weekend” weird ishh; but the music video looked lovely shot in India especially being that Beyonce was all in it; which in my opinion made this whole track way more better..

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Ever since this year began I started like this girl more & more and Teaming up with Kendrick Lamar got the vibes still heading on the cool track “Bad Blood”

Nicks Jonas is Type putting in work, Expecially on this “Chains” Music video filmed in M.I.A