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Two White dudes on board a plane from Japan to LAX start throwing fists while a baby cries in the background..


UK Rising Star Redzz is Back with Another Hard Music video “Blind” ft. Matt Fryers.. Check It out and Enjoy!!

Laurence Fishburne’s krazy ass daughter “Montana” gets arrested for DUI on March 11 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida after she rear-ends a Range Rover. The Former Porn Star, fails the field sobriety test plus acts a fool with her sexy behind, urinating on the side of highway. Her dad must be so Embarrassed!!


This Female Doctor in Peru use Basil Leaves to lure an Inch long worm out of this boy’s eye; Krazy thing is how did she know to use Basil; Does shit like this happen all the time over there and Funny thing is, she immediately does an interview while the kid is still on the operating bed #wtf #smh  Did U notice her gold slipper… #Ok

Ed Sheeran Reveals to Howard Stern that he originally wrote Justin Beiber’s “Love Yourself” song for Rihanna and it was titled “Fuck Yourself”..

the Lil Homies TK N CASH got another heatrock with this track “3 x In A Row” oh yeah..

Wow I Didn’t Know Chuck E Cheese was a hotbed for Hotheads,, Check this exclusive video and the other dozen or so fights you’ll find online at the place where a kid can be a kid and adult can still acting kidz.. SMH