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That nizzle Kodak Black is back str& out the pin with this kool track “First Day Out” living it up with the fam and looking like he gain a little weight in the joint.


An elderly woman is thrown into a swimming pool, along with her dog by a teenager after he slips and body-slams her on the ground. The Lady was trying to ask to youths to turn down there music but things quickly went that away.  Eventually the kid turned himself into the police, but dame that was dumb dude; What was U Thinkin’..

Laurence Fishburne’s krazy ass daughter “Montana” gets arrested for DUI on March 11 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida after she rear-ends a Range Rover. The Former Porn Star, fails the field sobriety test plus acts a fool with her sexy behind, urinating on the side of highway. Her dad must be so Embarrassed!!


Shaquille O’Neal joins Gainesville basketball cop Bobby White to surprise kids for a quick game of Basketball while sharing some cool words of wisdom.


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Amtrak Train Crashes into a Car, Splitting It in Half in Florida . An Amtrak train sliced a car in half Tuesday in this city’s Riverside neighborhood, causing only slight injuries, authorities said.

A college student Ivy Ziedrich, a 19-year old political science major and college Democrat …  confronts the former Florida governor and potential Republican presidential candidate, asserting, “your brother created ISIS.”

Nicks Jonas is Type putting in work, Expecially on this “Chains” Music video filmed in M.I.A