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Dj Khaled sprung into the Spring on this Collaboration Track “I’m The One” and what a Great Idea to Ft Justin Bieber front Line on This One plus Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Weezy doing their Thang.. Hey, Don’t Khaled have the best girlz in his Videos? HOtt Damn…

Ed Sheeran Reveals to Howard Stern that he originally wrote Justin Beiber’s “Love Yourself” song for Rihanna and it was titled “Fuck Yourself”..

Live at a Charity Event 50 Cent gives some cool fashion advice to Wiz Khalifa & some real Relationship advice to Justin Bieber..

Justin Bieber has a weird / racist since of humor with this “One Less Lonely Nigger” song & Why are black Folks afraid of a Chainsaw Joke,, Oh Ok! Lil homey; This shit was so funny, I forgot 2 Laugh……….