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This dude John Legend is trying a little too hard trying to make us believe that this situation is “Surefire”. A little corny and definitely only imaginable. Yes, it is a beautiful music video and song, but highly unlikely to happen in real for numerous reason; like that girl would have never disobeyed her parents for dude and she escapes to Mexico for What, to stay with this fool 4eva, Yeah Right!! She probably would have never made it back and where was Johnny in this Video; he should have pulled a Stan Lee cameo appearance or something, Lol nah,, Come in; Get Out here…. next!




Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas tries to corner Ex-Federal Prosecutor Sally Yates for not supporting President Donald Trumps’ ban on travel from certain Muslim countries, but she claps back citing another statute that may very well trump the code Cruz was referring to; stating that visas cannot be denied due to someone’s race, nationality or place of birth. Oww, U Got Trumped Cruz!!

This Muslim dude is going around pranking folks with a bomb in a Bag Prank, that has MFs’ running for their lives; but hey I would probably Run Too..

Buckshot, shuts down and damn near finishes the who’s house is Hip Hop / Black -vs- White Rapper debate! now I hope Vlad can leave this topic alone!! maybe not but who cares; DUCKDOWN!!!