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Yo this elderly Grandma took a serious trip down a sidewalk access gate while texting on her phone in Plainfield, NJ. This is definitely a learning experience to whomever is watching this video. Yeah she fallen and can’t get up; you would have thought..


Check out New Jersey’s own Fetty Wap Compilation of his real voice; is this is good a bad thing; who cares homey having fun and getting that gwap.. Let Go!!

Holla @ ya Boyz





Check out this Heat-Rock from the homey Fetty Wap ft his Remy Boyz clik “679”

Paterson, N.J Rising Star FETTY WAP is blazing up the streets with this “Trap Queen” Buttahs..

Kazzie Pop is back with another Heatrock, Yeah Ok; Newark Nj in the Building!

Wyclef Jean Links up with POSSETV & talks about where he thinks Canibus went wrong with his Music career, Where he stands with him today & Thai boxing!! why not