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This dude type killed this remake of Kendrick Lamar’s Humble track. From start to ending he defiantly got his point across in this creative music video that emphasized his problem with where hip hop is today. They should master this ish and play it on the radio.. Now that would be Kool!!


While on set filming “The Interview” Seth Rogan & James Franco – spoof Kanye West and Kim Kardashion “Bound 2” music video in a Totally Gay Way; Kimye may have approved of this Parody, but it’s a lil Ughh for some folks Taste; 2 Each it’s Own though #Bound3.

Hopsin kills it with this funny ass rap video parody “no Words” homey should being getting more burn though but U kno… lol

Serena Williams pulled a Beyoncé at the Ballen Isles Country Club, practicing power shots and Bey-worthy dance moves to “7/11.”

Brody Criz did his thing on with this Bar Mitzvah Invitation song to Billboards Top five hit songs!!

Barely Political did it again with this Funny ass Parody of Taylor Swift “Shake it Off” music video. Its Like they knew what we were thinking!! Key oF Awesome….

Check out Crazy ass Ellen having fun with Nicki Minaj’s “ANACONDA” music video

Check Out This Quick Parody of Anaconda by Ellen having fun with it!

Check out This Funny Parody of Rising Star Lorde Royals; Courtesy of the gd FOlks @ BabelyPolitical!!

BET Hip Hop 2013 Parody ft Drake, Kendrick Lamar, etc.