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Slip N Slide Records brings yall their R&B princess Teenear with that bumpin “Last Night” track off her “Point of No Return” debut album.. keep an ear and eye out for this songstress with them tight R&B flavaz..


Ann-Derie has this lovely love song telling a story of a couple doing everything they can to hold their relationship together, “Just Us” a romantic concept of couples recommitting to themselves and doing everything they can to make their love work. Get It Girl!!


Bryson Tiller is getting his photog with some beautiful copper tone models on deck, but “Somethin Tells Me” this ain’t go last baby; The boy coming Up!!

Goapele is back at Us with this sexually, seductive, smooth R&B track called “Secret”, but I personally don’t really like it when a girl talks about she have a secret, cause Shit can get KraaZzzy….

This dude John Legend is trying a little too hard trying to make us believe that this situation is “Surefire”. A little corny and definitely only imaginable. Yes, it is a beautiful music video and song, but highly unlikely to happen in real for numerous reason; like that girl would have never disobeyed her parents for dude and she escapes to Mexico for What, to stay with this fool 4eva, Yeah Right!! She probably would have never made it back and where was Johnny in this Video; he should have pulled a Stan Lee cameo appearance or something, Lol nah,, Come in; Get Out here…. next!




Daley got something special in his hands with this one featuring Jill Scott “Until The Pain is Gone” What a Wonderful Collaboration but a shame that girl Jill was in this music video, but the colors are refreshing

Check out the yung dawg Ro James getting it in on this Cool R&B track and fun Music Video; Check out the homie doing his thing, But U “Already Knew That” but Stay tuned 4 more..

The chick Chante Moore is getting on that pretty hoody tip with this “REAL ONE”, hopefully when she finds a real one she knows what to do with him; P.S don’t call him the N-WOrd cause he might Turn Up on ya. Other then that Gd Luck & Live ya life MA..

Stokley of Mint Condition shows and prove he still got the voice and style and why y’all need to get up on his “Level”. Cause The man got skills…

Maxwell is back with these Black Summers’ Nights album, which includes this classic r&b vibe track “Gods”.