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Damn, that girl SZA got some curves galore and this cool song, plus music video featuring the homey Travis Scott called “Love Galore” which relays a perfect example for why I don’t get down with that Bondage shit; cause things can turn terribly wrong in a split moment, on some Misery tip..


the boy Stitch got a dope style and he flaunts it on this “Wake Up” music video.. Check it out and repeat it few tymes; it feels like a breath of fresh air to me, Keep doing that thang homes..


Ann-Derie has this lovely love song telling a story of a couple doing everything they can to hold their relationship together, “Just Us” a romantic concept of couples recommitting to themselves and doing everything they can to make their love work. Get It Girl!!


The homey Young Gii is back with this “I Might” track. Show a nizzle some Luv or he might go back to hurting something serious; instead of Coming Up, on that Tour Life!!


Bryson Tiller is getting his photog with some beautiful copper tone models on deck, but “Somethin Tells Me” this ain’t go last baby; The boy coming Up!!

Migos is killing it with this joint featuring Gucci Mane. I honestly heart this ishh right here, cause it feels so HARD Bumpin in the Streets and the baddies in the video is “Slippery” & on fiyah. The beat feels sort of like an ATL Westcoast Dre vibe… Damn; Rewind, Selector and Play this ishh Again and Again.. go!

Daley got something special in his hands with this one featuring Jill Scott “Until The Pain is Gone” What a Wonderful Collaboration but a shame that girl Jill was in this music video, but the colors are refreshing

Check out the yung dawg Ro James getting it in on this Cool R&B track and fun Music Video; Check out the homie doing his thing, But U “Already Knew That” but Stay tuned 4 more..

Mavado kicks off this “Memory” tune for the ladies, getting his playboy on and boasting of smashing other dudes girls; which can be a very dangerous pastime and I wonder who’s bangin his girl while he’s bangin other guys girls, hmmm.. Anyway, Enjoy the Flavaz.

Katy Perry is back on it with this creative “Bon Appetite” music video ft. the bros Migos. Ms. Perry looking delicious in this joint but it seems she like she always changing her look, it’s sort of hard to sometimes to recognize the babe, but damn is she looking Nice in This one.. U go Girl!!